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      Microalgae, the Blessing of Nature, produce good health.

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Microalgae creates healthy culture - for you and for your beloved people

Nikken Sohonsha's sincere and energetic path: 

50 years activity supported by those who wish for health.

We live in an age when we should create and maintain health by personal responsibility unlike the past when everybody could enjoy health naturally. 

Nevertheless, Nikken Sohonsha has risen to the challenge of improving the situation, drawing on the wisdom and passion we human beings are endowed with.

Nikken Sohonsha devotes itself to discovering ways to apply microalgae, a plant form which obtains its life energy from sunlight, water and air.  We are actively developing and propagating outstanding microalgae-applied products to create better health for us all.

The value of products employing microalgae transcends national boundaries and age differences in making a lasting contribution to health.  Nikken Sohonsha has been laboring for 20 years in th search for new ways to create products from microalgae.  Our activities based on universal human love, will continue in the future as we endeavor to create a society where true health can be found.


 Chlostanin Nikken Nature Co. Limited
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