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      Microalgae, the Blessing of Nature, produce good health.

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Chlostanin GOLD (Large)(300 tablets)
Product Code#:HFL01
Well-balanced nutritional compound to supplement nutrients difficult to be taken in our ordinary meals.


What is important for every family members to live with happiness? And what is necessary to live abounding in health and vitality. In order to discover the answer, we, Nikken Sohonsha Corp, pay attention to microalgae which have been existing from the primitive earth and which are considered to be the newest food resource. We have repeated research & development again and again with throughgoing R & D system. As a result, we have introduced polysaccharide compounded food "Chlostanin Gold". "Chlostanin Gold" has received the achievement and the trust from several millions of people in the world who are enjoying "Chlostanin Gold" for more then twenty years since launched. The content of the main ingredient, Chlorella polysaccharide N.β-1.3 glucan, is increased and "Chlostanin Gold" is reborn. Chlorella polysaccharide N.β-1.3 glucan is the main ingredient which is difficult to be taken from daily diet, but we, Nikken Sohonsha Corp., successfully compounded it into a food product, leaving worldwide competitors behind. Patents are rendered to this product from many countries in the world including developed countries of the strictest food standards. "Chlostanin Gold" was reborn with increasing the content of the main ingredient Chlorella polysaccharide N.β-1.3 glucan. "Chlostanin Gold" is polysaccharide compounded food product formulated with eritadenin extracted from Shiitake mushroom as well as more than ten kinds of vegetable nutrients including soybeans lecithin, soybeans oil, etc.

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