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      Microalgae, the Blessing of Nature, produce good health.

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Microalgae! How can they contribute to human happiness?


The king of the yellow-green vegetables.
Dunaliella, for people looking for the real thing.
Now its' possible to obtain natural beta-carotene in capsule form.

We all suffer from a lack of beta-carotene.
Now you can solve the problem with Dunaliella Hard Capsules.

It contains about 900 times more bata-carotene than carrots.
The super yellow-green vegetable Dunaliella has now arrived in capsule form.
The natural beta-carotene in powdered form in the capsules is perfect for maintaining good health at all times.












A rule of thumb for consumption of beta-carotene is 40 milligrams a day.

Natural beta-carotene is a unique aid in maintaining health.

The normal daily intake for adults is 40 milligrams and more, although this figures increases for smokers and persons who regularly drink alcoholic beverages.

When it comes to daily intakes of yellow-green vegetables, one should idealy consume 10 or more leaves of carrots.

This is naturally difficult to fit into a normal eating schedule.

With Dunaliella Hard Capsules, just two capsules provide 40 milligrams.

You can use this product to obtain a superior supply of natural beta-carotene.

Natural beta-carotene is indispensable for your family's health.

Do you know that beta-carotene is recognized in the United states and around the world as an outst

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