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      Microalgae, the Blessing of Nature, produce good health.

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What is the Microalgae?

Chlorella, Monodus, Dunaliella······Microalgae has very variety kind of species.
Nikken Sohonsha Corporation, application company of Microalgae, has been advancing the research and development of Microalgae which have a great power to contribute the healthy life.

Microalgae is a source of life which make from sunlight, water and air.
It is a small creature to create the great healthy society.

Microalgae appeared about 35 hundred millions years ago. Microalgae has been living together with any kinds of creatures and produces the essential oxygen and giving a power of life. We have many environmental problems such as global warming caused by increasing CO2, depletion of the ozone layer caused by freon, acid rain caused by air pollution, and desertification caused by destruction of forest. The Microalgae plays a important role to recover such environment, so it's infinite possibility is now getting attention as to bring a fortune to the earth in the future.

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